The first two I drew . Rest are pictures I took!!


I want to Congratulate all the Long Distance Couples!! Because it can be hard. Not being able to see your partner or just talking to them on Skype or phone call , or even mail!! Even though my long distance didn’t go .. I still earned a friend in the end!!


When the teacher groups you up with your friends for a project


Yep that’s me.


actually she’s our new Supreme


Shout Bang Bang Choo Choo Train in a room full of black girls and see what happen

Let me see you do that thang!!

Time has changed !! Me

Nature Box Snacks !! So good and yummy!!

Nature Box Snacks !! So good and yummy!!

This me !!! #oldphoto

My Likes

I like Asian guys and Caucasian guys too!!!! :)